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 [Band] Itchy Poopzkid

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PostSubject: [Band] Itchy Poopzkid   [Band] Itchy Poopzkid EmptyFri 21 May - 0:21

- Founded school band band. name: "nutella" 
- Music direction: punk rock & metal-covers 
- Line-up: sibbi (guitar), armor (bass), Vlady (guitar), saikov (drums) 
- Borrowed bass from school and still not returned 
- Has been about 9 times based rehearsal and then thrown out 
- Incredible first appearances in schools, etc., including pogoschlachten, Private grants of banned and police problems. 

- Renamed the band ITCHY POOPZKID. 
resultat: new name even worse than the old one. 
- Wrote their own songs and covers thrown over board 
- Vlady gets out 
- ---> New and final line-up from July 2001: SIBBI, PANZER, SAIKOV 
- Long time in the house of another classmate rehearsed (?!?!) 
- But then kicked out (-> work in youth club) 
- End of the year's first demo CD (recorded relentlessly bad sound) strobel at our current live mixer Thimo 
- First successful "three-man-appearances" in the orbiting of 10 km 

- Forthcoming demo CD sold surprisingly pretty neat 
- More appearances in clubs and at festivals (about 50 in the year 2002). even outside of our district. even to some very far from there (HARK!) 
- First places young talent competitions in various 
- Gigs with bands such as: donots, the happy, Pyogenesis muff, potter, sincere 
- Southwest Germany winner and 11 space of over 3000 bands in europe the finale emergenza-contests on the taubertal-festival. best punkrock-band there huiui .. 
- Then in a VIP area backstage smuggled and let us massage 
- Have been caught and there was almost beaten up by securities 
- Brought to land management Magge-music 
- In the studio in beautiful scarf included in erbach achim Lindermeir new EP

name: saikov
birthday: 01/07/1986
artist name: sailor
residence: in addition to the fils
haircolor: black
color eyes: brown
favorite animal: joy and micky
favorite book: groove essentials 1 and 2
favorite country: Spain
favorite beer: augustiner
lieblingsnichtbier: vodka bull
favorite hairstyle: max rooms
favorite dream woman: p.leutz
lieblingsdraufhau: snare
: TAKE favorite amigo, blue with racing cars on it! YES!
favorite audience: have fun
lieblingshaffe: seebert
favorite Eislingen agreed: fc
favorite city: hamburg
birthday present ever: first drumkit
favorite word: favorite what?
sleeping converter?: no idea asks sibbi
favorite food: raclette, lettuce,
favorite film: ray
first concert attended: Zillertaler schürzenjäger
first rock concert attended: Zillertaler schürzenjäger
all time heroes: new found glory / jimmy eat world / elvis
just now at the moment heroes: michael jackson, Volodos, pearl jam
else was: yester me yester you yester they
arbeitsgerätschaft: mapex orion, 22x20 bass drum, 12x8, 14x11 + 16x14 floor tom, 14x6, 5 black panther maple snare, remo (emperor clear), vic firth saikov signature model (1a), Paiste (2002) + alphas + Twentys, tama rhytm watch , janus double pedal

name: daniel friedl
birthday: 03/05/1982
artist name: panzer
residence: GP-HC-CITY
color of hair: red
eye color: colorful
favorite animal: whale
favorite book: dbc pierre ruff, matt, joey goebel
favorite land: land with sea access
favorite beer: astra
lieblingsnichtbier: liquor
favorite hairstyle: not yet
favorite dream woman: a girl from sea
lieblingsdraufhau: woofer
: TAKE favorite amigo, navy blue. (Bright yellow stripes)
favorite audience: karlos
lieblingshaffe: sibbi
Favorite team: VfB Stuttgart 1893
favorite city: city with sea access.
birthday present ever: shitty "chester" e-guitar amplifier with 16 +!
favorite word: trowsgnilbeil
sleeping converter?: sibbi
favorite food: www.peta.de
favorite movie: planet terror
first concert attended: seasick pirates
first rock concert attended: seasick pirates
all time heroes: seasick pirates, social distortion, the clash, the distillers, muff potter, alkaline trio, hot water music, face to face, the living end, the dead trousers
just now at the moment heroes: mumford & sons
arbeitsgerätschaft: fender jazz bass / fender precision bass, Ampeg SVT-vr, ampeg 8x10, Tape, fist poor vocal, band, red wine, heart & soul

name: sebastian hafner 
birthday: 05/27/1982 
artist name: sibbi, Haff, seba 
residence: the fils 
color of hair: greasy 
color eyes: brown 
favorite animal: erol agiroglu 
favorite book: the dirt 
favorite country: Maldives 
favorite beer: caipirinha 
lieblingsnichtbier: pina co'fucking'lada 
favorite hairstyle: my mullet from the past 
favorite dream woman: flat eric 
lieblingsdraufhau: beautiful, sing in Eislingen teacher who has lifted me to the sideburns. then I have before me the terrible peed in my pants and I then told parents he had hit me. 
favorite audiences: Thimo strobel, max room, karl nowak, nova günther, andy Wörner, daniel friedl, tobias danne 
lieblingshaffe: rather rare 
favorite Eislingen agreed: asv 
favorite city: san diego 
birthday present ever: Golf Swing trainer of saikov and armor ... not! 
favorite word: warm congratulations 
sleeping converter bilderabhängen?: with a certificate in 
favorite food: quesadilla bar y cantina monterey con 'el sombrero' 
favorite movie: Zack and Miri Make a Porno 
first concert attended: kelly family 1992 
first rock concert attended: zz top 1992 
all time heroes: metallica 
just now at the moment heroes: silverchair, the matches (rip), beat union (rip) 
Is there anything else you eat: more Swabian! 
arbeitsgerätschaft: music man benji madden, fender telecaster baja custom, fender tom delonge, engl powerball, mesa standard 4x12, Engl 4x12, vox AC30, ernie ball strings 0:12 to 0:52, custom dunlop 88mm picks, ernie ball cables, k & m stands, AUDIX om7 micro, sennheiser 302 sender

Discographie:.....-demo cd (''two thumbs down'') [2001].....-"... having a time!" [2003]-''f*ck-ups...live!'' [2004].......-''heart to believe'' [07.10.2005]........-TIME TO IGNITE [30.03.2007].........-DEAD SERIOUS [23.01.2009]..........sorry that i didn´t post pictures but my computer doesn´t work right.
Have fun.
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[Band] Itchy Poopzkid Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Band] Itchy Poopzkid   [Band] Itchy Poopzkid EmptyFri 21 May - 0:25

I love them already, just by seeing the first band's name : " Nutella " xD I will listen that tomorrow, thanks for sharing ^^
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[Band] Itchy Poopzkid Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Band] Itchy Poopzkid   [Band] Itchy Poopzkid EmptyWed 25 Aug - 13:02

I love this band. They are amazing on stage. I saw two times the guys this summer in concert. Furious madmen.
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[Band] Itchy Poopzkid Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Band] Itchy Poopzkid   [Band] Itchy Poopzkid Empty

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[Band] Itchy Poopzkid
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