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 Music and you

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Date d'inscription : 2010-01-20
Age : 27
Localisation : München

PostSubject: Music and you   Sun 14 Mar - 22:29

Here you can talk about music, about the instruments you play, if you sing...

Hier, ihr könnt über Musik reden.Wenn ihr einen Instrument spielt, oder wenn ihr singt Smile

Ici, vous pouvez discuter musique. Si vous jouez d'un instrument ou si vous chantez.

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PostSubject: Re: Music and you   Sun 21 Mar - 22:50

hmm.. irgendwie mag hier keiner den anfang machen.... naja dann tu ich das mal. das thema ist musik. ich liebe Musik und spiele selber seit ca nem Jahr in einer Band. ich bin Schlagzeugerin. ich habe angefangen damit als ich in die Band kam. also spiele ich auch allgemein erst seit ca nem jahr. joa mal sehn was kann ich noch über musik sagen??? Musik is super zum abschalten. ich hör eigendlich IMMER musik. lg ICH =P
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Gold Köhler

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Age : 28

PostSubject: Re: Music and you   Wed 5 May - 16:12

Ben I play the guitarre for less than 6 months (thus I play not really!) but that bursts me to live the music différement and in more that develops the critical spirit !

To the base we had offered her to me to forget my ex and that worked !
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Date d'inscription : 2010-05-24
Age : 26
Localisation : Northern Germany

PostSubject: Re: Music and you   Mon 24 May - 22:02

i play bass guitar since 4 (or 5?) years and flute since 14 years. some month ago i started to play piano, too. i also play drums in my free time and sing my songs Wink
music is very important to me, i can't imagine a life without music.
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PostSubject: Re: Music and you   Sun 6 Jun - 23:32

I don't play instrument because, the only instrument that I love, I do not pley it...
I want to play drums but, I have a heart failure
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Bronze Köhler

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Date d'inscription : 2010-05-19
Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: Music and you   Tue 8 Jun - 18:33

Je joue du violoncelle depuis mes 8 ans , je joue un peu de guitare et de piano de temps en temps , j'ai fais 6 ans de chant.je fais de la baterie ... une fois tous les deux mois ? xDD (elle n'est pas chez moi et je ne me vois pas allée chez mon amie juste pour sa Smile )

I play the cello for my 8 years, I play a little guitar and piano from time to time, I have make 6 years of singing.I make of the baterie once both months? XDD (it is not at home and I do not see myself gone to my just friend for his Smile)

I love music
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Bronze Köhler

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Date d'inscription : 2010-07-12

PostSubject: Re: Music and you   Sat 17 Jul - 7:43

Music and me.... Two things that are related.
I´m not playing in a band but I can play various instruments. but it´s just a hobby and I´m not too serious about it. (also I´m not good haha)

I´m one of the dudes taking care of the FATwreckwiki.com (formely known as NOFXwiki)
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PostSubject: Re: Music and you   Wed 25 Aug - 12:59

I play guitar but I have to work again and again. Music and me ?? It's the same thing. I would like to play one day in a band and to be able to make listen to my texts and touch people as musics which I like. The most beautiful job for me: discover new bands and make my possible to help them. Thing that I make already with pleasure during my free time. A life without music is inconceivable.

"Sans la musique la vie serait une erreur." Friedrich Nietzsche
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PostSubject: Re: Music and you   

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Music and you
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