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 [Band] Vierkanttretlager

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PostSubject: [Band] Vierkanttretlager   Wed 25 Aug - 20:45

Vierkanttretlager is a Indie Rock band, consisted of 4 young boys hair in the wind, native of Husum in the North of Germany. The members of the band began in various music bands before forming the group in Novembe 2007 for our biggest pleasure.

Members :
Max Leßmann - Singer
Christian Topf - Guitar
Momme Friedrichsen - Bass & Accordion
Leif Boe - Drum

They are completely in their music when they are on stage. The singer, Max, lives totally songs. I like. It's like that that a show has to be. I look at the way a lot of playing musicians. And I was admiring in front of Leif, the drummer. He is really endowed and when he begins to drum on his battery, he makes not seeming I can assure it you. Momme, the bass player is tall and strong and plays the accordion. Moreover the song with the accordion is by far my preferred. Regrettably, she isn't on their myspace thus will need to believe in me on word. And Christian, the guitarist is excellent, totally boosted (sometimes he so frightens me. He isn't far from the edge of the scene) and completely in his world. I saw them an incalculable number of time on stage so far and I don't grow tired of it. A band to be discovered and to be loved.

Their name, which seems impossible to pronounce, has no real meaning. They only found that the name rang well even if a lot of people is not the same opinion.
Seen their young age, they are still at the school and well intend to study. The music is for the moment only something secondary. They are aware that they cannot live on it for the moment. They don't aim at becoming famous even if they find pleasant to be able to play in front of a public. But for some time, they begin to glimpse the possibility of living on the music some years and last months confirm it with the release of their second EP on a label, the participation in Immergut Festival near Berlin and the others.

Officiel Myspace < http://www.myspace.com/vierkanttretlager
Officiel International Forum > Forum < http://vierkanttretlager.forumactif.org/forum.htm

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PostSubject: Re: [Band] Vierkanttretlager   Wed 25 Aug - 22:49

I liiiiiiiike Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: [Band] Vierkanttretlager   Wed 25 Aug - 22:58

sisol wrote:
Leur nom, qui semble impossible à prononcer, n'a aucune réelle signification.
Oh, I think german people can pronounce this Very Happy
I didn't know the band before but they sounds great. Thank you for the tip. bounce

(And maybe you don't know but the official language is English.)
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Date d'inscription : 2010-08-25
Age : 31
Localisation : Hamburg

PostSubject: Re: [Band] Vierkanttretlager   Thu 26 Aug - 0:54

Yes I think for the german it's possible and for me too but for the french, I know that it's very difficult.

I totally forgot for english language. If you like Vierkanttretlager, I'm really happy. It's my little band^^. I like them and I want to help to promote them. You can come on our forum if you want.
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PostSubject: Re: [Band] Vierkanttretlager   

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[Band] Vierkanttretlager
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