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 [Lyrics] How You Feel

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[Lyrics] How You Feel Empty
PostSubject: [Lyrics] How You Feel   [Lyrics] How You Feel EmptySat 31 Jul - 15:15

How you feel

Some people try to get around to see the world
Others say they need their time at home
Me for myself I never knew
I’m walking down an avenue
And I hope I’ll find a place before I’m gone

Don’t tell me that I’m overbearing
I can’t stop myself from hearing
Many words by many people
Trying to be comfortable
The more I hear the less I know
Living is a fake popshow
No one knows exactly where to go

Can you tell me how you feel
Can you make me feel that, too
Come on tell me how you feel
Can you tell me how you feel
Is it right and is that good
Come on make me feel that, too
Come on make me feel that, too

I always knew how good it feels to be alone
Now I know it’s also good to share
And to be kind and just some time
To try to step over the line
That I had for myself
to keep letdowns away

Don’t tell me that I’m egocentric
Do not say I’m not romantic
Try to change the stiff perspective
I just cannot be receptive

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[Lyrics] How You Feel
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